Friday, January 21, 2005

Well, last night was very cool, rading facility after facility. Then, this morning I woke up feeling cheerful, and I ended up going to work, in a good mood, only to get there and have a whole day full of very unpleasant work ahead of me. There were only four cars worth of samples, but they were Mesa, so there was 2 a piece. And of course they were bad. They were cut with gasoline. The gasoline fumed into the whole building and made it impossible to breathe, midway through the day I started wearing a gasmask to help breathe during the day.

By mid-day I actually got almost all of the smell out and even got the place nice and polished. After that though I found out I had to run more tests... unpleasant tests, tests that followed murphy's law. spill happened, overflows, and lots and lots of smell. Gas mask back on. It wasnt even cleaned out by the time i left for the weekend. I left the vent fan running all weekend long.

I had to take constant breaks throughout the day to talk on the phone and get a breather outside and chat with some friends. By the end of the day I met Jake at specs where we discussed cooking flavors and bought some liquers and some cheese and crackers and then back to my place to sample and evaluate the flavors and aromas of the various liquers we had discovered. THe clear loser.. me who spent 15 on a bottle of "Apple Jack" which tasted nothing like apple and everything like cheap whiskey and didnt even mix well with the cinnamon schnapps we picked up. The winner... orange cognac which mixed well with everything and added a complexity and dry distintive taste to apple kamikazes.

The cheese and crakers were delicious till we left them alone long enough for sophie to knock the cheese to the floor and clean the dish totally of all its contents. Chuck cooked a chicken, and then we watched the DvD of his comedy act for a local church. He does some great impersonations of celebrities as bible characters.

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