Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Well, it's a beautiful day outside, all damp and generally cloudy, that sort of hazy shade of gray that mutes the world and makes everything seem lifeless. Lifeless is the wrong word... lifeless is depressing... this is worse than that, it doesnt give anything any feeling at all, it makes everything void of any feeling. The day passes on, and when you drive other cars splatter just enough mud on your windsheild to make you use your wipers and make them squeak the whole time.

I really do like these days in an interesting sort of way. In a lot of ways there isnt anything wrong with them. In a certain light, there's almost something beautiful about them. It really is amazing how from time to time the entire sky will seem to be a perfect flat gray almost without any texture. And I love the smell of rain in the air.

Last week ended with me picking up a Nintendo DS. Didn't buy any games for it of course, but it was very fun to play Metroid Prime: Hunters. It really was the very next best thing to a mouse and keyboard and it was a joy to play, I loved it. But of course there wasnt enough actually gameplay to hold my attention for very long. This story to be continued later as this is where it paused on friday afternoon before I was out of work.

Friday evening. Awesome party at Justin's house. The burgers were good, but a little overcooked for my taste, and everyone was happy and having fun. Almost, I saw a couple of people with frowny faces when the countdown was over and everyoen threw up their arms and shouted happy new year. I tried out the recipe for stuffed shrim that Alan taught me on Christmas, and everyone loved it. One or two of them thought they were just a little bit too spicy, but the large majority of them really enjoyed them. We downloaded music, mixed drinks, and George, who had planned on driving, left Justin's house to go to his cousin Krista's house at 12:30 because he wanted to get hammered and was mad that we had all stayed at the party and he had stayed sober so that he could drive.

I dont know WHY he went to krista's house, as there was nothing wrong with getting hammered at Justin's, but for some reason they did. Around about 2am I was the only one left awake at Justin's house, so I started jogging to Krista's and knocked on the door very quietly so that only George and Krista would hear me. As it turns out they hadn't done ANY drinking at all and were just hanging around watching a lesbian Showtime television series. Funny. We had some M&Ms and we hung out as we were the only ones left awake and then around 4 am George took me home and went back to his house and I played games and goofed around and went to bed around 6 am.

The next day was spent mostly in solitude. New Year's day, most people were too busy doing nothing to do anything at all. I spent it watching TV and that's about it. Later in the evening, the novelty of the demo for Metroid Prime Hunters having worn off after only a day, I was determined to buy Mario 64. I tried 3 stores on the way to dinner(didnt actually eat anything, only hung out while Jackson, Marcia, and Mike did) at Zio's and all three of them were closed because of the holiday. After that, we picked up Kevin on the way back and we worked late into the night on project plans.

Then, I stayed up till about 4 or 5am.

First thing the next day, around about noon, Mike calls me up, we meet Kevin at EB games who is sold out of Mario 64 and drive to Fry's... who DOES have it, and finally I get to play the game that everyone is telling me is so cool. I play it all the way to P.F. Chang's where we go for dinner, and we are told an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes to wait for a table. Hey, that's cool with us, we take our little buzzer and we go off to the book store across the street and look at all kinds of books and have a grand old time, and lo and behold, we get buzzed in 20 minutes and are seated almost an hour early.

That was nice.

Takes a while for our food to actually get to us, it's pretty decent though for the price, and then, all full, we begin to head home. That pretty much sums up sunday, stayed up till 3 or 4am talking online. Monday, slept in, woke up, chatted online most of the day, then hung out with Mike and Chris, we went and ate pizza at Pizza Hut. After that we only hung out for an hour and watched an episode or two of Venture Brothers.

That was the weekend. Nice and busy, I like em like that, cept when I have to write about them when I get back to work. I am kidding of course, I really like having this journal.

Anyway, I plan on hanging out with Mike and Chris later tonight, so I'll see what happens then.


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