Friday, January 14, 2005

Spent last night hanging out with Jake, and then with George and Mike too at IHOP, and then Marcia and her mom, and another friend of hers, and we were all talking and chatting until it was time to bail. We talked about web pages, and Mike's school and people being stupid from tech supports point of view. Marcia's mom had a lot of stories about people being weird about ordering tickets with Continental, it was really cool. IHOP started charging for bowls of lemons. Probably because of me.

Already more than a fourth of the way into Peter and the Starcatchers, it's a good childrens story, but bits lack depth here and there. It's better than it could have been, but still not great. A blast to read, I'd read it to my kids if I had some. I should steal some, I know where I can find a whole bunch.

Anyway, it's getting late and I should be on my way home, I need to get food to eat, I'll probably be cooking pasta when I get home. Ciao.

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