Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Well, last night was awesome. We got to spend many of Chris' last hours here with him. I grilled fajitas. A LOT of fajitas. We had a 5.5 Lb package and George was all like, that's not enough... so he threw in another pack... and we ended up making 10 Lbs of fajitas. Let that sink in for a minute... that's 10 Lbs of meet for maybe 5 people, plus that's without the onions and peppers. We dented the fajitas, but I'll be eating them tomorrow and maybe the day after tomorrow.

We talked and we hung around, and watched TV. I finally got talk to Chris about some things that were on my mind, and I gave him a hug goodbye. He's family now. I'm kindof like the mafia the way I put together family. And theyre starting to spread across the country, so the world goes.

Today was slow, but comfortable. I did some reading and some thinking and some talking to friends online. During all that I downloaded the new version of Hikarunix and burned it and am using it right now. They finally have support for my onboard NIC card chipset, but they still dont have the widely accessable drivers for my soundcard. It really is beautiful. And I have a lot of fun with it. The new version can be installed to a thumbdrive, so I'm seriously considering picking up a 256mb or a 512mb thumbdrive to use instead of a cd rom. A bootable thumbdrive. I know it may seem perfectly natural for some people reading this, but, to me, it's pretty novel.

Anyway, I'll say hi tomorrow, probably pretty early, Larry has jury duty and so I'm working all day long. 7am - 7pm. After work I'll probably have George come by and bring 3d Studio MAX 7 with him, now that we have it.

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