Thursday, January 20, 2005

Well, I finally decided to start playing Planetside, and George is going with me. We're going to play as members of the New Conglomerate in the ultimate war zone. When I first started talking about it with George it was just because I missed the game. He had never heard of it. It had slipped my mind that it was the perfect game for George, but by the time I remembered this afternoon, it was already too late.

Last night George and I made a mad dash for the mall, skipping Specs and other shopping to get there before it closed, but they only had one copy left. There was some debate as to whether he should get it or I should, or whether we should get it at all, since there was only one. If I took it, he had a guarantee that I would get it. If he got it, he could learn to play it before I got in, since I'd played it before when it first came out a few years ago. He ended up getting it.

On the way home I stopped at H.E.B. and picked up more of the awesome pasta that I'd been making all week for less than half the price that I had bought it at kroger. When I got home I did my reading for school today and I made pasta for dinner, creamy garlic and spirals with extra oregano, chives, ginger, a dash of crushed peppers, and a splash of white wine with bread crumb toping and chicken. It was amazing. I loved it. I love eating at home, it's cheap, it's easy, and it's just delicious.

I went to bed at midnight and had a restless sleep till 6:30, got up and got ready for school, headed off for class. I am really liking my english class, it was a lot of fun, and now I'm going to start doing journals for it online in the same area that my microcomputer applications class takes place.

After class I went to H.E.B. and walked around, doing some comparison shopping, pricing shrimp and other seafood and pasta, and other things for future cooking experiments. Then I bought an orange and ate it outside before going into EB Games, where, despite not being listed on their website, they were selling Planetside and the expansions. I bought it, chatted for thirty minutes with the guy running it for the day, and then headed home to install it and set up my account.

Later after I got to work, Mike called me. While I was telling him how George and I had trouble with buying the game last night, after deciding to get the game, Mike said to me, you just know that's Geoge's perfect game. I was like, "What? ". Mike said, " You know that all you do in that game is endlessly blow stuff up, and kill people without it ever ending, that's all George likes about the games he likes. "

And I was like, whoops.

I knew what I was gonna hear when I called George.

Sniffling and sleep deprived voice as he answered the phone. "Dammit!" He said. He told me that I did a bad bad thing. That I should never have let him buy and install that game on a school night. That he had played till six am right before he had to go to school, and that he had only gotten an hour sleep, and that I had woken him up. By waking him up, I asked him some questions that caused him to log back onto the game and then we got off the phone so he could pay attention to it. I may never see him again.

In retrospect, I really should have known.

Got to go now, got homework to do. Still waiting for my new phone to get to me.

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