Monday, January 17, 2005

Well, this weekend was nice. I can't remember what I did friday evening, I think that's the day I went home and did absolutely nothing. In retrospect, that was nice, but not particularly memorable. Stayed up playing on the computer and reading. It was nice; which I said. It was not memorable; which I also said.

On saturday I went to the book store with Mike, and George. We drove around, we had dinner, and then, instead of meeting Zac for a movie we went to blockbuster and rented a movie and he went to his house with Emily. So we watched Dodgeball, and a new movie called Employee of the Month, which I was really liking till the very end where I suddenly hated all the characters. For most of the movie I thought most everyone to be good guys, then in the last moments of the movie everyone was bad, and it was disgusting. It was only rewarding because they all died. They weren't even likeable bad guys.

Then on sunday, I cleaned my room. Deep clean. Dug into every corner of the room and the closet, emptied and refilled boxes, folded clothes, and filled trashbags with junk. It was really quite beautiful. Things got much much much messier before they got any better at all. Anyway, my room feels a lot more spacious now.

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