Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Well, I started school today. English 1302, and it was good. I enjoyed what I had of it, and next time I will remember to bring paper and pen of my own. Afterward I spent 128 on books, which will set me back quite a bit, but will be reimbursed by my dad later on. Huckleberry Fin, The Norton Introduction to Literature, Discovering Computers 2005, Office 2003 Introductory Concepts and Techniques, and some software that lets me test and study my online class.

When I logged on to my online class for the first time it said I had 12 late assignments all due on December 8th. Which, as you can imagine is quite an unrealistic date for a class that starts on January 18th of the next year. So that should be sorted out soon, all the same. All the right software is installed and working at work and now just needs to be installed at home later tonight.

Once I got here, Verizon Wireless called me back, and told me they could send me a brand new phone. So I'm getting a picture phone. That will be nice, a new phone, color display(colors that are supposed to be there if you remember how my last phone broke before this one), and I'll be able to send pictures of places from anywhere. This may seem like an insignificant upgrade, but think about it.

I can be sitting on the bridge across lake houston, dangling my feet above the dark abyss below at the darkening of sunset, and suddenly feel that someone I love might want to see the beautiful sunset that I'm seeing. Click, tap tap tap, send.. no preplaning. It's a beautiful thing. I plan on taking advantage of it.

Other than that, the day is pretty full, full of reading and studying and tons of work and chatting online.

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