Friday, December 31, 2004

Seems drama has hit my group of friends once again and over something as silly as a party. Seems tivial, but everyone is all up in arms about it.

Last night the fan on my video card was going out and causing my computer to crash... and in our attempts to discern the problem.. we totally destroyed the fan. Later, in a fit of "let's do something crazy that might save David 200 dollars" we went and bought a 2 dollar tube of epoxy.

It can hold 3500 pounds per square inch, it's waterproof and can stand temperatures between -40 and 200 f. We glued a grand 'ol fan onto it. I was always raised with computers being very cut and dry. Everything had a place to plug it in or screw it in and it all fit perfectly. So gluing one broken component to one thing onto the broken component of another, jamming it back into the computer, turning it on and having it work was something of a miracle. It was good. I wouldn't normally do it, but it worked and I'm glad.

So thanks to that... the 80 dollars my dad gave me for christmas to go toward a nintendo DS... got me a nintendo DS this morning. I have been immensely enjoying the Metroid Prime Hunters demo. It's a real first person shooter.. you actually have to aim, unlike the other metroid prime games, which is interesting and fun. I really like it and plan on playing more of it. But I'll also be buying Mario 64x4. I really wish I could play with the picto chat with people though.

I find the regular stylus is best for messing with the options and for picto chat, but... the thumb stylus is the stuff of gaming. Whenever I fire up the actual game, on the thumb stylus goes. I wish the designers would give me an option to use all the buttons in my own personal configuration, i'd actually rather lock on in MP:H since I can't increase the touch screen sensitivity. Actually, heck, I would like the ability to do that too. Either way, it could end up being a very cool game. I'd like to see a real time strategy game on it too though.

Miss Taylor is gone right now, so I don't have anyone to talk to. I'll probably play more Demise. I really owe Miss Taylor a lot of thanks, she reminds me to blog every day, and with her off shopping yesterday, I let the games make me forget. So, to whoever reads this, my appologies for not writing in it yesterday.

BTW, I'm really enjoying the book Rogue Warrior by Richard Marcinko. Jake let me borrow it, and it's very cool.

Anyway... Off to the party tonight, and, I'll see you all next year. Muah!

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  1. Anonymous9:21 AM

    Yeah your right and I took it really serouslly but i knew that I wouldn't enjoy it and I haven't been sleeping well so that leaves me being a little bit bitchy. It just when you have a party no one gets drunk which did happen. Then I became upset at Jackson. I am sorry that I helped with the rama though. It just that I love your parties and I was really looking forward to it anyways hope all is well i love ya ~marcia~


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