Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Last night was pretty cool. Taqueria Arandas was a nice restaurant, but I was ultimately disapointed, the food wasn't really any cheaper than anyplace else I've eaten. The food was still really good though and I had flan, which is muy delish.

We all played hackey sack and goofed around with Jackson and Marcia in the Benegan's parking lot until it was time to head home. Tonight, we plan on making beef jerky, which should be delicious.

I signed up for Composition and Rhetoric II and Microcomputer Applications as a distance learning course. I then spent a lot of time online studying the interface for the online class and I'm really impress with the way information is presented, and tests and assignments are given and graded. It was a lot of fun to spend the afternoon exploring it all, I had been really nervous about trying something new and it felt really good to have my fears alieviated.

My stepdad's birthday was today, and last night, I was supposed to have a grill for Marcia.. it was her birthday, and she made me promise. But I didn't get reminded, so I didn't get a chance to cook fajitas for everyone. Happy birthday to both of them.

Well, till tomorrow... ciao.

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