Wednesday, December 22, 2004

I know what to give to Sophie for Christmas. What dog wouldn't love to chew on her favorite political figure of the century?

Last night was fun. We hung out for a while at Wendy's. Mike, George, Chris and I, and from there we went to Specs. We made some careful New Years Eve selections to accompany the normal mixed drinks that are becomming popular in our circle. Mike will be getting a bottle of Sherry, which will be totally new to me, as I've never tried it before. From there it was off to EB games where we met Kevin and Russel. We had a blast loitering and chatting with the employees who were stuck there. From there, we went to H.E.B. to pick up all the required ingredients for beef jerky; or, as jackson likes to call it, citrus meat.

We use the zest of one naval orange in the marinade, partly because of the strong aeromatic oils in the zest that strongly brings out the flavor of the habanero as well as adding a distinctive flavor deep into the meat without being overpowering. Unless of course, you dont like citrus meats.

After that, we spent a good deal of time at my house, Kevin was invited, but failed to show. Mike was the first to leave when he recieved a call from his ever demanding family, after sampling the new vodka we had selected for the cabinet. After this, Chris, George, and I all watched Cartoon Network and worked dilligently on butchering meat and preparing marinade and mixing and then chilling the beef jerky in the refridgerator. It should be ready for dehydration later this evening.

After all was said and done, we went our seperate ways for the night and this morning I began reading the book that Jake loaned me a few days ago, Rogue Warrior.

That's that I guess. Will write more tomorrow.

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