Thursday, December 16, 2004

The trouble with being legendary:

It's impossible to find real information about someone who has become a myth or a legend in one way or another. There is, quite simply, too much to sift through. Some myths and legends are tougher. The more people who believe false things, the tougher it is to find true things. Take, for instance, Adam Weishaupt. I have come to believe that he was, in fact, an incredible man who is partly responsible for the ideals of enlightenment that have spread through the world today.

Only once have I ever found his teachings and they were quite beautiful to read. They will be quite difficult for anyone to ever find again, as the page no longer exists. It's tragic, really. So, last time I found it, I went through the trouble of making a copy for my own personal uses. Maybe someday I'll find other, similar, teachings, and maybe I never will. Maybe it will be up to me to teach the things I found. Today, I have only found accusations that he was a demon worshiping spreader of lies throughout the world. A lot of people feel the free masons are evil, I for one don't know. The illuminati certainly isnt what a lot of people believe it is. In a way, it is more simple than I could have ever dreamed, and yet it escapes the grasp of all who seek it wherever they go.

Sometimes a legend can become even more real than the truth that birthed it. It lives and breathes and propogates itself, become a new sort of reality.

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