Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Last night was very cool. Dad was particularly thrilled with his christmas present, but, to date, I still can't figure out how to get it running on his computer. Mary Ellen Liked her present too. I may have to find another chess program for dad if this one wont work, even though this one was the best ever, and I was lucky to find it.

They got me a really cool book by the poet Rilke, who, my dad discovered, actually worked as a receptionist for the sculpter Rodin. The book is about his experiences with Rodin and I'm looking forward to reading it, but I have to finish reading the book I borrowed from Jake first, and so Peter and the Starcaqtchers will now be pushed back 2 books on the list instead of just one. Sadly, I've already finished the Far Side collection I got for christmas, not so sadly, I loved it.

Been playing the game Demise constantly... Got stuck in the Sorcerer's guild... so now I'm in the Artisan's guild. Level 16 sorcerer, level 11 or 12 artisan. Very cool game. I've started kicking ass on level four. It's sad, I had some AWESOME monsters fighting with me... 2 Illusionists and a dragette.... but I was going down and I saw a crowd of full fledged magicians and I started a fight with them. They were so powerfull not only did they kill all my companions, they tore me up as well. I managed to get out alive and get back up to the surface, but it wasnt easy. Those guys had done SO much by my side, which is unusual for creatures that join the party like that. I was really angry at myself for losing them, they could have done so much more good.

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