Monday, December 20, 2004

Well, for once, it was a very nice slow weekend. On friday night I started off with diner with my Dad, and Mary Ellen at Hasta La Pasta, it was delicious. I love roasted peppers, and the sauce was awesome. Also the wine my dad picked to go with dinner was excellent, a little strong. Didn't bother me much though, I never have more than one glass with dinner.

After that I went home, planning to get just a few things and then go to dad's house. But the phone call to Mike led me to discover that everyone was going to the 10:50 showing of A Series of Unfortunate Events. It was 10:40 when I found out. I got there after the first two previews and got to enjoy a really fun and cool movie. I especially loved the end credits. Didn't get home till very very late though. Stopped by IHOP and spent some time chatting afterward. From there I went to my house, Jackson and Marcia came with and spent the night. I didn't find out till just now but Chuck kicked them out at 6:30. I woke up and left my room around one in the afternoon, so I thought they had just left without saying goodbye.

I spent most of saturday lounging around, playing KotOR II, taking extra naps, etc. Eventually, around about 12:30 I went and drove to my dad's house to begin my house sitting duties. It felt pretty empty and dark without puppy, who I love, but who I could not guarantee 10 days of care for. I would have felt bad leaving her outside as much as I would have had to. Especially the weather we were having a week ago.

She was always so sweet the way she'd sleep on the foot of the bed or on the floor in the same room.

Sunday, I went to eat lunch with Mike and did some Christmas shopping. In fact, I did most of my Christmas shopping. After that I was pretty tired and didnt feel like spending money on anything else so I canceled plans to make beef jerky with Chris. He didn't take it well, but I really couldn't do much about it, I couldn't just hang out with him at my dad's house, because it was my dad's house, and he got mad. Said he was planning to pay for the beef jerky, but that he wasnt now since I was cancelling plans. Don't really know what that was about. Felt bad. Anyway, going to diner with everyone tonight at a new place in the humble area... Taqueria Arandas. I've heard they have a lot of really awesome food for cheap.

Anyway, that's the news for the day. Weekend. Whatever.

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