Monday, December 27, 2004

Wow, it's amazing how, with 2 days off... someone can accomplish nothing. The first thing I actually did this long weekend was go to the movies on saturday. I mean.. not counting friday night and saturday morning with my mom and her husband at her house. That stuff doesnt count, I was going to do that anyway, being with family on Christmas is a must. We watched movies and we cooked shrimp... lots and lots and lots of shrimp.

Got a new recipe that I really like...

Take the largest shrimp available, clean and butterfly it, fold it around a sliver of cheese and a sliver of jalapeno, wrap it tight with a slice of bacon, then melt some butter saute some garlic in a frying pan, then put all the shrimp youve made on a flat survace, fill the bottom with the garlic butter sauce so that all the shrimp are soaking in it, then sprinkle with black pepper.

Cook for about 25-30 minutes. It's an awesome recipe. I just about orgasmed eating them, and they let me take about 9 or 10 home with me. None of my friends would try them, even though they were amazing, hehe, oh well.. their loss. I enjoyed eating them all day sunday, a few at a time.

The movie we saw on saturday evening was "the Life Aquatic" with Bill Murray and a whole crew of other cool actors. It was a great movie. I loved every minute of it. Not sure if I'd want to see it again though... it was pretty slow moving. Maybe after it's been a while I will.

Anyway, that sums everything up to date. Will write more tomorrow... will try to do it before I play Demise so that I dont try to write it all in the last 10 minutes before I leave work.

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