Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Today I have spent the majority of my time stumbling, reasearching Knights of the Old Republic II, looking for Cthuugle and other such meandering activities of relatively little signifigance. They are of course all related, though I coulndn't or shouldn't say how. As for why, that's getting into philosophy so you might as well make up your own reason.

Last night I started a batch of beef jerky which I seasoned with 5 habaneros. I'll let you know tomorrow how wickedly hot it was.

Last year around this time of year, a little earlier actually, there was a very bad man sniping at people. The good folks at local media stations of course felt the need to sugguest that perhaps it was someone who had played the attrocious game Sniper one too many times. As it was, this thoughtless, base, and totally inacurate accusation assumption lead Gabe of Penny-Arcade fame into a rage. Not the bad sort of rage. The kind that feels that his people have been deeply maligned and that all of us [gamers] as a community should stand up and do something so good that our hearts couldnt even be questioned. And so, Child's Play was born on a whim in a weekend only a month or so before christmas. Last year they raised upwards of 250 thousand dollars to give to the Seattle Children's Hospital in games and cash for the children to play to bring them as much joy as possible during this season.

They're doing it again this year, and it's bigger. They're spreading the love over the country this time, and everyone who can participate, should. Go to their website and give a child something good for christmas, you'll feel good.

I wish people read this blog. It would be cool if someone actually linked there because of this. At least I know one person is reading *wink*

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  1. Anonymous1:23 PM

    hey david its marcia and because of your blog i am going to go to that site and see what i can do. thank you so much


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