Friday, December 10, 2004

well, looks like I totally forgot to fill this up the past 2 days. That's pretty negligent of me. If I'm going to keep this up I need to make sure I'm more regular so that I don't just end up abandoning it for months and months at a time like I did at the end of 2003.

Past two days I've spent a lot of time hanging out with Chris and George. Can't hang out with anyone tonight, because I have to do my final for art class tomorrow morning. Also, Chuck is hiring me to help him out with his balloon work tomorrow for 20 dollars an hour for a table at some type of gathering in Kingwood. Should be pretty cool.

All this week I made beef jerky, spicy, and watched the Bourne Supremacy while I ate it, and we watched Joe vs The Volcano... awesome movie by any standard, it's absolutely loaded with all kinds of symbolism. And then last night we mostly watched normal tv after hanging out at EB Games with our friend Kevin. It was plenty of fun. Everyone enjoyed the jerky, and we also found a really great website with recipes for mixing drinks. Mike has been too busy working for class to do anything at all, even eat out with us.

Anyway, more details about last night... around about 11 o'clock, Chris remembered he needed to be home early so that he could get plenty of sleep. He has started to go to the exercise sessions that one of the army recruiter officers runs on monday, wedsnday, and friday every week. He does them just for himself, but because other people show up for them, he sort of runs them like a class almost. It's extremely stressful. Anyway... back to 11 last night. I have this issue, where I want to do everything I possibly can, challenge myself in new ways at every opportunity. So I mispoke and said, " Hey, Chris, that sounds pretty cool, mind if I come too? "

I say I mispoke, because I thought this was an opportunity to better myself and challenge myself. At the time, I was unaware that it was an exercise in pure masochism in its unadultered state of existence. So, Chris says, "Sure, if you're not at my house by 5:48, I'm going to go ahead and have dad drive me though. " THen, I'm all like, cool. So I take Kevin and Chris home and then I go to sleep at midnight and set my alarm for good ol' 5 am so I can be at Chris' by 5:30 all ready to head out.

I should have known it was a bad sign when I got to Chris' house and we were talking and he asked if I'd had anything to eat that morning, and when I said no, he said good. It's never good when you haven't eaten. And if, somehow, you find an activity, such as exercising with an old army officer at 6 in the morning, where not eating is good, that excersise is inherently BAD.

We get there right on time and the festivities kick off with some stretches, then some simple jumping jacks, followed by some other warm up exercises. This was then followed by REAL excercise. Pushups first. I made it almost half way through the 110, maybe I did around 40, but ten of those were "Girl" pushups when I ran out of steam. I dont know what followed the pushups, because I was in the bathroom, after careful navigation to the restroom, vomiting. I considered it a major accomplishment having not vomited on the way to said rest room, as I was sorely tempted to. It was chili, though you wouldnt know to look at it. It was as if the exercise had caused my body to reject all the unhealthy things I had eaten in the past three days. It wasn't very fun. Not very fun at all. So, I finally recover and when I get back, theyre doing sit-ups, and by this time, Chris, who is by all means the healthiest specimen of humanity on the entire earth, not counting the man leading us as he is not human, was looking as though he was ready to spill his chilli too.

Now, as ANY one of my friends can tell you, Chris is a wiry little mof0. He ran track in high school, he climbed up to the very tippy top of trees for fun when he was less than sober. This is the boy who was able to scale a pine tree with no limbs as though he were a tree frog. I've never seen this man PANT, let alone gasp for air, and certainly not go pale, double over and pray to the porcelain goddess. After the situps we went to the restrooms for water, except Chris, who took the time to go and let out the previous day's dinner.

Apparently this isn't a first for him. Last time it was chilli too, only it was brought on by some eggnog he drank before going to exercise.

After this we did a few other aerobic excercises, of which I was able to keep up with. I think I did pretty well, since, I have not exercised in years, literally, and worse, I have NEVER exercised like this. I knew it was bad, I always knew that. Why, oh why, did I let the world tell me I needed to go through this to stay healthy. Anyway... so, after that... Jogging. A mile and a half. I made it three quarters of a mile before I doubled over and crashed and was told it was okay to walk back and meet them. Once there we immediately started stair climbing. Except for Chris, who was headed back inside the mall... I deeply suspect for more vomiting.

Against better judgment, I started this too. Against my judgment of self preservation I LISTENED when the guy who was going VERY slow and encouraging me kept telling me I could do it. When I absolutely could not anymore, I stumbled off to one of the pillars in the parking lot, unable to move. Well, for the most part, I managed to double over and vomit the water I had drunk mid session, a single sip, along with the very last flecs of anything resembling food in there. A few tomato chunks it looked like. Really, it was more like retching and gagging and it was all I could do to keep from getting it on my hands as I let loose on the parking lot.

Eventually I regained my composure and capacity to stand, and then to standing upright was the next achievement. Stumbling to where they were only just finishing the stair climbing was the last step. That was the end of that, they told me I did really good for a first time, and I certainly thought it was nice of them to say so. After that I took Chris home, he was sitting in the car, I would have gone into the mall looking for him except I glanced at my truck first and noticed the passenger door was open and thought that it would be a waste to go into the mall again if there was a chance he was just sitting there waiting for me, and lo and behold, he was. Then, I got some gas, a sandwich, orange soda, and a glass of water for Chris before we got back to his place.

Orang soda makes everything better.

After I took Chris home, who I found out had not slept at all the night before, I went straight back to my house, where I crashed onto my cot. It was a beautiful. I was complete. I dreamed that I was meeting Mike and Chris and George and Kevin in the mall for food and I got some food that kept magically appearing and disapearing from my tray whenever I looked away, and more interestingly, the tray itself with all of it's contents disapeared when I walked away from the counter and forgot about it. Very fun, Chuck went to a funeral for a woman who died at his church day before yesterday, and then I went to work. And that, my friends, is my story for today.

You get to hear a repeat of it when I go exercise again on monday. But.. I dont think I'll be eating anything on sunday evening.

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