Monday, December 13, 2004

Well, didnt make it to exercise this morning. Stayed up way too late last night playing KotOR II and Vampire the Masquerade. Awesome games. Vampire will be much more fun to play when I get my new ram in the mail in a few days.

It was a great weekend. I did really well on my final art project, which I put a TON of thought into as it was very difficult subject. Myself. I've always been very iffy on the subject of me. As far as I'm concerned, the Jury is still out and there isn't much to say on the topic till more is known. So, 3 weeks of thinking about the project, then a few short hours pumping it out. It was very nice to have it done by 2 am on friday night. 5 hours to sleep, then school, then working for Chuck till 5 in the afternoon. The balloon gig on saturday that I did for chuck went bad. Too many people working the booth, price of balloons was too high to sell them, and Chuck couldnt be there. There were a LOT of things that were pretty clear that Chuck could do better if he ever did this again, and it does get his name out. I think he should do it again, and make some improvements to his business model.

After that I went to dinner with friends, and then off to see Blade Trinity together, which was much better than I thought it would be. Bad, but tons of fun.

On sunday I spent all day with mom, visiting the Merry Christmas Tree Farm and then eating dinner with them and getting home by 9:45 to spend time with George, a friend of his who's name I cannot spell, and Chris. George and his friend left at 1 am, but Chris and I stayed up playing games all night, so no exercising this morning. We'll see about wednesday.

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