Tuesday, June 14, 2005

It's been a very long weekend with lots of twists and turns. Started off with hanging out for Zac's birthday, we all went to go see Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which was an awesome movie... George had to watch a totally different showing because he decided to, once again, not show up until the movie was starting, and, in this case, sold out. After the movie we all split ways and went home. While I was at the mall though, I picked up a pair of chinese medicine balls that had elephants on them. My dad loves elephants and it was an unusual patern.

Saturday was a bit of a disaster. It started off well, I met Mike for lunch at 12, and I shopped around the coffee bean emporeum. I really love that place. After that we got back to my apartment, and my dad helped me set up the shelf, which, worked really well, doing a good job of holding everything up. Though, on monday, my parsley died from exposure. I am still hoping it's roots are good and it will grow back though. After that, Mike and I went to Fry's to try and find a Machintosh version of Unreal Tournament 2004, which, no one seemed to have, and we didn't get back till later than we needed to. George had already been there and helped chuck load my grill up into my truck, and then as soon as we could we sped off, me leading the way, turning onto 1960 and spilling my grill out into the road, scratching all the paint, destroying the wheel axel beyond repair, breaking the thermometer, damaging the smoke pipe, breaking the seal and slamming it inside the grill some, breaking off the smoke pipe cover, smashing the handel. We eventually got it to George's house, and it was in just good enough shape to smoke the ribs his dad bought, and I made some pesto with fresh herbs from my garden, along with a strawberry jalapeno dipping sauce for the ribs, which everyone made fun of me for, until they tried it.

No games went on that night, George's network refused to let the third computer play with us, no matter what we did, even after we got Return to Castle Wolfenstein installed on all three computers. We eventually gave up and went home, the grill stayed behind till I picked it up on Monday. The next day Justin had asked all of us if we would go out and help him paint the little delapidated building he will soon be calling home. He can't fix any of the real problems with it, the holes in the floor leading to the outside, the waterdamage on, well, everything, but we were able to get half of it painted nice and white by the end of the day. Before I went out to help, though, I went to visit Alan in the hospital, he has pancreaitis, and is having his surgury on wednesday. Mom got some fuzzy slippers, and some candy, and a card that I wrote some things on that I hoped would make him feel really loved and she let me give those to him while she gave him some other things.

We worked really hard painting, it was the first time I ever did anything like that, by the time I was done my arms were sore. Cym's mom was an awesome cook, she made us a shrimp and lobster salad, with salmon, and served it with some fresh green onions and balsamic vinigar. We talked about cooking and she told me how to make stock, and soup bases, and gave me some really excellent recipes. Then after we were all done painting for the day, we jumped into the water and had a swim, and there was strawberry shortcake waiting for us. The whole thing was extremely fun, and I had a really great day. I would go back and help out more next week, but I will probably be out of town, visiting my grandparents and my sister on her bday.

Monday, I got my grill back, and then George and I caught the 10:20 of Madagascar, which was, by all rights, an awesome movie. I love the lemurs. Today, I don't have a lot of plans, I'm going to see what happens.

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