Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Started this weekend out with a bbq that my dad and his wife were invited to. It was really nice, I got all the food done on time, had to cook late, so everyone ended up eating at nine, since friday was the only possible day to do it with my dad, and I didn't get home till 7:30. Well, I was shocked and awed to find out that Chris was in town from the army and had just gotten back earlier that day, so I rushed over and picked him up and brought him back to eat and hang out, Mike showed up and everything was fun. The food was awesome, and I liked talking with everyone, but I forgot to let dad try my wines and orange cognac.

Despite all plans, saturday ended up just doing nothing all day long, except playing Paper Mario, which happens to be an extremely cool game, which I would like to own.

Later in the evening I went over to Chris' house and we watched Escape from New York, an aweful movie, if ever there was one. After that I went to sleep kindof early. On sunday, I got the parts to fix Tera's computer, and I took Chris to Fry's, though he wasn't happy about not going to see Star Wars, I had forgotten to tell him we were grilling instead. Anyway, we took him home after grocery shopping, and then, we got totally rained out, I'm talking flooded out of grilling, I didn't even go over to Marcia's house to do anything.

On monday, I relaxed, played lots more Paper Mario, and then went and checked Mike's house, and fixed Tera's computer, then off to a bbq at Marcia's family's house with Jackson, and then from there, to swimming at Marcia's complex. Tons of fun. Then, at 9:30 Zac gave me a call and asked me to go meet him for dinner, so funny, he was with a friend at Hooters, they had never been and decided to randomly try it out, the perves. They managed to offend the waitress before I even got there. I tried the wings just to see if they were worth it, they weren't, but I got to talk about star wars all night long, which was totally kick ass. After that I went home, and, you guessed it, played Paper Mario all night.

Then, last night, I had a midnight grill, started cooking the food at 12:30, ate at 1:00 am, it was delicious chicken, I LOVED it. Jake was the only one who came for it.

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  1. Anonymous4:13 PM

    sounds like u had a fairly busy weekend...hope/glad it was fun..btw i left u a comment on ur haiku just like u asked!..hehe..


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