Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Well, this weekend was really cool, it started off with ariving in Dallas early, though I got a call from my dad's dentist office and they made an appointment on tuesday, and going to my grandparent's anniversary dinner at an awesome mexican restaurant. The menu was so incredible, I really felt like everything was great and I was actually attracted most to one of the cheapest dishes on the menu, and I was NOT disapointed by how awesome it was. I forget the name but it was 2 rather large spicy chicken burritos, one with cheese sauce covering it evenly, the other with green sauce, and the flavors occassionaly mixed. It was simply delicious, I could eat there again. Followed that up with a REALLY nice flan, that had a really interesting texture, it was like inverted tapioca in that it had many hollows... the texture was very similar but different, and the flavor was outstanding.

After that we cellebrated my birthday and I got the last of my birthday presents, some spices from grandma and grandpa with my birthday card. They are so awesome that words do not even surprise, they have overwhelmed me this birthday. Aunt Karen got me an instant read meat thermometer with a really awesome feature, it has markings on it that let you know when speciffic meats are done, so that you don't have to know that information by heart while you're cooking, she also got me some kababs, which will also get a ton of use, as well as a 20lb bag of charcoal for cooking with, that she almost gave me for christmas till someone pointed out that she would be giving me coal for christmas, and she just couldn't do that, so she waited six months. Saturday was fairly subdued as everyone was out doing their own thing, so I just played on my gamecube and finished reading the Dharma of Star Wars. I liked that book, it really gave me quite a bit to think about, I had never tried to actually understand Buddhism before, and it is quite an appealing philosophy, though it is in no way a religion.

I got my 5th star in Paper Mario, which I am LOVING. Genuine romantic love. There is a reason cds have those holes in the center. I think I have found the love of my life, if only I can find a priest who approves of that, but somehow, I think it would be easier if I were just gay instead of a technophile. Most people look at pornography in the bathroom when they're young, as for me, I always snuck a copy of wired or technology today in with me.

Anyway, the whole day ended up being fairly subdued, a little celebration of father's day, with lots of chatting, my sister came over for a while, and we made plans to see Batman Begins on sunday, which didn't happen, but it was nice making plans. On sunday she got there too late, so we just went and ate at the Rainforest Cafe for her bday, and did some shopping. I got her Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory by Dahl, and The Mysterious Island by Jules Verne.

After all the shopping, we split ways, each of us with our lightning cups and went home. Dad and Mary Ellen got pizza when we got back from Dave's Pizza, which really rocked, until my crown came out while chewing, it had been sticking in my mouth quite well and so I had been leaving it in so that I could eat, and I bit down on it with my real teeth and it shattered like a piece of hard candy. My other teeth didnt even hurt, I only knew because of the crunch that didnt belong in the middle of the pizza. Real teeth rock. and I really can't wait to get a new crown, because i cant even imagine a prosthetic being even close to having a real tooth at the core considering what my real teeth did to that crown.

And then the rest I think I covered yesterday. THe dentist thought they were just going to cement my crown right back in, but crunch crunch gone, and also there was a miscommunication. It was decicded that what happened didnt matter because it was time for a whole new permanent crown to cover my tooth anyway, since my other crown was given to me at 11.

Anyway, George came over last night and we ate at bennigan's, I love it there, and chatted and I'm still driving my mom's truck, which is working fine. I'm going to go have a good day now, and feel better, I'm still pretty horribly sore all over, though less so. People keep telling me this is supposed to get worse. I guess I'll see in a few days. I really hope the other guy is okay. I don't even know who he is, all I can do is call him the other guy. I've made some bad jokes to help cope, please, don't get offended at me, I really don't mean anything I say that's mean.

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