Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Well, It's pretty clear by now that I didn't post last night. I had every intention to, I had a very good weekend for the most part, but on my way to my mom's house after work I was in a very serious car accident. I was not hurt but I believe the other driver was, we were both taken to the hospital very quickly and I do not know everything that is going on, except that it is looking like it is the other driver's fault.

I was going down loop 610 west bound and a car was stopped in traffic and pulled across 3 lanes right in front of me, I had no where to swerve and I struck him on the driver's side. He was pretty seriously hurt it looked like, unconcious most of the time, bleeding from his left ear down his neck, not talking, but the medics told me not to worry about it and that he was going to be okay. I was wearing my seatbelt and had managed to slow to about 35 or 45, and so I was able to walk away. Though I went to the hospital anyway to get checked out. The taped me to a board and loaded me up, then drove me as fast as they could to the emergency room and delivered me just like a fedex package. They x-rayed my chest, and checked my pulse and my blood pressure 20 times, and my ekg and everything looked safe and sound, which was really cool, all together the copay for the particular hospital I was at(I understand it's lucky they took me to the one they did) was only 50 for the services and another 20 for some pain medication which I have yet to need. My mom came and picked me up around 10 pm and took me to her house after getting me dinner. I love her so much, and her and her husband Alan let me borrow their truck till my transportation is all sorted out. That's really going to help me stay on my feet.

This morning I took it to go to my dentist appointment, where he gave me a 634$ estimate for a new tooth and told me that my real tooth was in good enough shape and had such excellent work on it that I could eat normally even without a cap till it was fixed. After that I payed 124 to get my stuff out of my car, wrecker fees, it's still in the lot gaining fees for being there. After that, off to work and then, eventually home. At work I spent a lot of time talking to the insurance claims investigator. I hope they find it is that guys fault, so that I can get some real help getting back on my feet. More.. I really hope that guy is okay, I don't often talk about my religion on here, but, I am going to pray for him.

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