Thursday, June 02, 2005

Played Paper Mario all day. I really enjoyed it, and I had some really good convos and even had some people comment on my poetry. Makes me want to write more. But I don't know if it would express as much feeling.

The tall grass acted as a curtain all around Brutus as he marched out into the field, a fellow soldier on either side, each only a few feet away, and yet for that they might as well have been a million miles away given the thickness of the tall green but yellowing blades. The flickering orange shades of the setting sun fading as the glints on his well polished and cared for armour as he marches forward, listening to the harsh rustling on either side as he tries to keep pace, a growing sense of uneasiness swelling in his chest with each forward step, the looming pressence of many fellow officers, the haunting question of what they were running from...

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