Monday, June 27, 2005

Long weekend. Started off with spending the night at my mom's house on friday, I let her cut my hair. I like what she did, but I had some ideas that I think would have been much better. It's nice and short now, the heat doesn't bother me as much, I mean, I want long hair, but it's just not worth the pain. We watched a really lousy movie called Trauma, I wanted to watch something else, anything else really, but my mom insisted. It was about a guy who thought he killed his wife in a car accident, and is crazy and starts acting crazier and crazier till he kills some girl pretty much at random for no reason. LOUSY. I hated it. I'm going back tonight, I think alan wants to trade vehicles with me so that he can do some work on the truck, and I can't wait to go, because I left my gamecube there on saturday. So I haven't been able to finish the last 2 or 3 hours(tops) of Paper Mario.

After that I went home, and from home, Justin picked me up, and took me to go help him paint the rest of his house. On the way there we stopped at this really cool place that was pretty much a drive through convenience store inside of a barn that was just cool and funny. I got a 2 liter of Dr Pepper, though I probably should have gotten something healthier to drink. We got so much done, it's insane. They all but finished the bedroom before I got there and got a good start on the living room, but we finished both of those rooms, touched up around the whole house, did the trim, did most of the kitchen, and the cabinets, and they finally did finish on sunday, I think. We didn't stop till after one, and then we went to Cym's family's house, where her mom had made some AWESOME food. Stuffed crabs, greenbean, chicken, and sthrimp stir fry, garlic bread, and some awesome salad. If they keep feeding me like that, I'm going to start looking for things to go up there an help them out with, like mowing their lawn, or whatever. That food rocks, I kept expecting ninja waiters to hop out of the woods with a 30$ check for the food, but none came.

Justin drove me home, and then, I just stayed up all night on the computer. I had some real issues while I was painting, I suddenly got really shaky and had to put my brush down and my stomach got really queasy, and I couldn't stop thinking about that driver bleeding from his ear and looking around with his eyes. I called my dad and talked to him for a really long time till I was feeling much better. I talked to the police today and they wont tell me any information from their report over the phone without buying the report, no biggie, only six dollars, but it's already been 5 days that it's been unavailable, and they want WRITEN consent to get the report, and on top of that it will take 10 - 15 days to get the damn thing. If he's alive, I'll almost be pissed that I did so much worrying over nothing, and I'll kill him.

So then, I went shopping around about 2 on sunday, after eating a REALLY awesome sandwich at quizno's. I used a whole new recipe for fajitas, I'm told my old recipe is better, but I liked the way I cooked this one. So, in the future, I will use my old recipe, and seasonings, and I will soak the full breasts in that, then I will grill them whole, then slice them with the seraded knife. But not next week, next week I'm going to be cooking brisket, because I have a smoker, and so I can.

Going to slow roast it at looooooooow temps for 24 hours with applewood... going to make it nice and delicious and falling apart. Tons of people came, though the whole party ended pretty early, like 8 or so, about half the people showed up late, ate, then left early. Then a few showed up so late, after half the party was gone, while the other half was helping put my new smoker together, and just simply were not entertained enough to stick around. So, I feel it was a mediocre event, I've had much better parties with fewer people and plenty of good music for everyone to listen to, no one put on so much as a single song tonight.

After all of that, and everyone going home, I did some cleaning, then tripped over Sophie after the lights were out and sent her howling into the other half of the apartment. I crashed really early, and I feel like I needed it. I need some more sleep, and I think I'm going to crash early again tonight. For now, I'm going to keep reading the Towers of the Sunset.

Char Grilled Fajitas Marinade:

1/2 c White wine
4 chopped green chiles
2 cloves garlic minced or pressed
Juice of 2 limes
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp cilantro

Serve, and cook even, with all other things you would cook fajitas with and serve with.

I am sore all over, BTW, legs, arms, chest(still), and feet. Even my eyes hurt a little. It almost feels good, and in a way, it really does becaue it means I've been active this weekend, and I like that. I want to be an active person, like I'm constantly moving forward. Oh yeah, guest list for Sunday:

Marcia's sister(Beth, I think)
Chris Brown
Mary Ellen

People who bailed and who are no longer my bestest best friends:


Oh, yeah, other minute trivia: Conker: Live and Reloaded is a lot of fun for people who have never played Conker's Bad Fur Day, and for those who have, and loved it, it's better than just replaying the original. I forgot to play the multiplayer while I had friend's over last night.

Special Thanks to those who aided in my efforts to construct my grill:


This post was brought to you by:

The letter D

And remember, cookies are a sometimes food.

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