Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Well, last night, though very rushed, busy, and otherwise totally consuming of myself, was incredible. And please, don't take me at face value when I say I was so busy all night long that it hurt. I love to be busy from time to time, and cooking a meal for all of my friends, and hearing whispers of how good the food is really makes a day for me. How much do I love it? Let me count the ways, in order of appearance(to the best of my memory):

After this it gets a lot fuzzy:
12)Mary Ellen

Started off the evening by leaving work about 30 minutes early since I knew I would be on a tight schedule and I didn't even have any of the food bought yet, I normally would have done that the day before, but it has been a very hectic week with Chris in town and spending time with him, which, though fun, has been very time consuming, and has kept me up late nights. I'll live, but sometime in the next day or so, I really need some very good rest after this weekend.

I met Jake at EB Games and George arived there shortly afterword, we then went straight to the grocery store where I bought 74 dollars worth fo food to cook at the party. That is a record number, or maybe not, and I just don't know it because usually so many people help split the bill(which I absolutely did not want happening last night, my party, my gift to all of my friends), which makes me appreciate them that much more. We got fresh chicken, drinks, potatoes, corn, chips, disposable silverware, jalapenos, cheese and bacon for stuffing the jalapenos, and plenty of other things. Got home and immediately began working hard at getting the food ready for everyone, it sadly didn't come off the grill till 10, and that was because I had some rub already premade from my last grill and it didn't need remaking in order to season the meat.

I also had plenty of help with almost everything, from shucking the corn to skewering the garlic rosemary potatoes. I had bought 4 packages of chicken but only used 2, the other 2 should get used over at Georges house during his bday on wednesday, and it should be really good. Teruwah showed up fairly late, but so much more than welcome, I love my sister, and it's been so long since I've seen her, and she saved my butt by bringing enough rosemary for the potatoes from dad's house, and she got me a really wonderful present, a painting that she did on a very, very tiny canvas, and a manaquin to go with my other one, only much smaller.

Most everyone watched Team America: World Police while I got the food ready, which I was unable to watch, too busy, I'll probably watch it tomorrow or something. I liked what little I caught of it. Also, way later someone brought out Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, a really awesome movie from the same guy who did Being John Malkovitch, another really awesome movie, and we watched that. The party didn't start to break up until midnight, and didn't die down completely until 3:30 in the morning. It was so great having almost everyone there. It really made me feel good, and so I have to say it was one of my favorite birthdays ever, and I'm really glad Chris just happened to be back for that.

I also showed everyone the video for Prey from E3, which was totally mind blowing, I'll link to it another day, but it looks like to half life, as half life looked to all other games in 1998.

Anyway, I also played Star Wars: Galaxies right before bed, and created my bothan character Marianas Trench. I'll play some more tomorrow, maybe finally with Zac this time around. Anyway, I'll write about what happened tonight tomorrow, it's been a really long day, I havent gotten to sleep before 5 am since last thursday, and I am in desperate need of rest. Have a good night.

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