Monday, June 06, 2005

Very very awesome weekend, you already know about Cindarella Man on saturday, on friday though, things ended after hanging out with Chris and Joe by watching the movie Anchorman with Will Ferrel, which made me laugh till my sides hurt. It was physicly painfull to laugh that hard. I shared my hot sauce wealth with Chris. Then, on saturday, I went to dinner at 5 with my Mom, and her Husband, they treated me to a delicious dinner at Asian City's Hibatchi Grill, wich was extremely wonderful and they got me the Steak and Chicken special, and a necklace. I really would write so much more about it except that I have put this off and I am now in a hurry to write it all before I get going to start the festivities for tonight.

After that I picked up Chris and we went to Half Priced Books, where he got a copy of Blood Rayne for him, and an adventure game that I picked up, but don't remember the name of, for me. Then we went to the mall, and hung out, where I bought Star Wars Galaxies, which I, tragically, have yet to play despite it being monday because I have been so busy. We met Zac there, and I got him a birthday cd with the money he gave me to get me glaxies as a present, so consider it a sort of gift exchange where we both get what we want. After that we went to see Cindarella Man, Chris, Zac, Emily, and I, and you know how that went.

Sunday was much the same, with lots of sleeping until it was time to go meet my dad at six in the evening. Mike called me to invite me to go hang out with him and Chris at the mall, but I was asleep when they called. When they finally did get through I told them my phone didn't even get the calls(I thought it hadn't, apparently I checked wrong because later I looked and it showed that it had), and it was too late for me to go. I went straight to my dad's house after playing some Paper Mario, and they gave me my presents, some VERY cool ones I might add. A T-Shirt with the M&M characters done up as Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine, Vader, and Dooku, that says dare to go to the Dark Side, the star wars Mpire. Awesome shirt, a brush for sauces that has a bottle and feeds the brush, a fresh pepper grinder and fresh peppercorns for it, a stuffed jalapeno holding grill tool in the shape of texas, The Dharma of Star Wars(which is an awesome book on buddism), and an herb garden! I tell you, the herb garden ROCKS... Serranjo peppers, basil, lemon thyme, parsley, sage, orange mint, chives, oregano, and the rosemary they already gave me, plus a shelf that I can raise them on in my porch area! Woohoo! Then they took me to the other nearby hibatchi restaurant, H.B.'s Japanese Steak house, which was equally awesome, I had the orange roughy which was.. so tender it was falling apart. Then after that we talked about herbs and I let them try my Retsina wine, and my meade, which they both loved, I served the meade with a leaf of orange mint in each glass. I am going to love cooking with herbs fresh from my garden, it is one of the coolest gifts ever, and I really love it.

After that I picked up Chris, who made departure plans for thursday, and we went to my house and watched 12 MOnkies which was awesome after getting snacks at Walmart. I got back home after dropping him off afterward around about 4 am, so, again, no time for galaxies, maybe tonight, after the festivities which I will fill you in on tomorrow. Adieu.

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